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SQLAutoScripting v1.0.2 is database scripting tools help auto generating very common sql store procedure

  • Add new record
  • Update record
  • Delete record
  • Select one record
  • Select all records

Above jobs is boring so SQLAutoScripting v1.0.2 do them for you

In this version also support auto create C# DAL + BLL class!

What database we support?

  • Microsoft MSDE
  • Microsoft Sql server 2000
  • Microsoft Sql server 2005 Express
  • Microsoft Sql server 2005


  • Operating system: Window 2000 and above
  • Microsoft .net framework 2.0

How to download

click here  to Download
click here  to Download example

Price & purchase

  • Free to trial & full  to buy
  • Full Licensed: USD$ 19.95(*)         
  • Freeware       

(*) include money transfer fees.

Screenshot & help

  • Data table listing: Query all table in current database to datalist box
  • Check connection: Check if connect to database server via Connect string is OK
  • Connect string: Declare Sql connect string
  • Function to auto generate: Choose exact store procedure type to generate script
  • Generate Type:

    Generate to screen: output to screen only

    Generate to screen and create store procedure direct to database:  output to screen and save to database

  •  Execute: Generate sql store for exist data table name  - other shortcut: press enter or double click on data table name


10/01/2009 change to freeware

05/25/2008: Deploy version v1.0.2

05/25/2007: Deploy version v1.0.1


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